Get customers from other countries!

Often there is a need that our partners want to open up to the international market. In this case, a foreign language version of the web page is a must. We can make that happen for you, and we will be happy to translate and review your webpage and build the foreign language version into your application. Currently English-Hungarian, Hungarian-English and English-French, French-English languages.

Use our professional translation service even if you only want to simply have a publication or documentation translated into a foreign language. If you need a translation of a pdf format document, we will provide you a same pdf format translation of the document for You. We will insert the translated text into the original context so that you do not have to have a graphical expert do the print layout and makeup of your text again.

Do not hesitate to contact our interpreter if you need an interpreter in English.

You need us, when

  • you want to display the GUI (Graphic User Interface) of your applications you are making in a foreign language,
  • your website or your software is waiting to be available in a foreign language,
  • you need the translation of a specialized or technical text,
  • you want your documentations or publications translated into a foreign language,
  • your publications are in a digital format (pdf or .docx formats) and you want them in a foreign language too,
  • you need an interpreter,
  • and with regards to any translation task in our available languages.