Get more visitors and customers

Web development is closely related to search engine optimization, link building and online marketing. If you already have a website or web shop, you want your visitors to find your services or products you are selling in search engines. This is important because not only to those visitors should find your site who know your URL but also those who are interested in your particular services or want to buy any of your products.

The average person on the Internet looking for websites on topics they are interested in uses internet search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.). There is a huge competition going on among website owners to curry favor with the customers so that the search engines would show their sites as search results on the front pages for specific keywords because chances are that they’ll click on a given web page become a potential customer if that appears at the top of the search results list.

That is the hardest part of the whole thing, since we have to have a lot of background knowledge to know why the search engine pages “reward” or “punish” us, and on the basis of what they determine at which place our website appears for a specific keyword. It is constantly changing from day to day. With the help of so called search robots the programmers of search sites constantly work on selecting and ranking websites based on keywords. In order to avoid manipulation they, at all times, refine these criteria, and as a result it is true that whatever worked yesterday will not work today.

The analysis of our site is slow and lengthy, its ranking changes constantly and so we have to be patient. Everything has to run its course. Sometimes, webpages which make it to the top of the list too soon will be “punished” by the search engine, and puts it to the bottom of the list. Before making it among the top five hits in the given topic even months may pass. Our site will be included in the list of top hits if the search engines feel that the content of our website is closely related to the topic searched. To accomplish this several conditions and criteria have to be satisfied. And we need to watch out for those.

What kind of tasks can you entrust us with?

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Increasing website visitor hits, statistical analysis (Google Analytics)
  • Link Building
  • Online marketing, online campaign management (Facebook, Google AdWords)